Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Stylized Fall Photo Shoot

Hi guys! I am so excited to be sharing some pictures with you today!
If you follow along with This Little Estate on Facebook, you may have noticed some cute sneak-peak-pictures I had posted of a beautiful fall photo shoot!
I was so happy, and felt right in my element, to style my first photo shoot.  
Red Suitcase Photography is an up and coming photography business that allowed me to style on location for them! 
 I loved the whole idea of setting the scene for a lovely imaginative post bridal dinner for two. It was so exciting to be in charge of every element. All of the props, and the outfits and accessories! I had so much fun pulling it all together.
I love how the pictures turned out too. 
The couple in these photos is actually a real couple and their love shines through in these shots. 
 I made most of the decorations by hand and transported them to the site of the photo shoot. The day was beautiful! Perfect sunshine and it was dry and warm. The kind of fall day you dream about. Crisp air, warm sunshine, and the smell of fall leaves all around. 
 I was proud of not breaking a single dish in the set up of this rustic chic type table scape.
 There were so many beautiful spots just waiting for some romantic moments to flourish.
 A faux wedding isn't complete without a gorgeous faux invitation. The invitations were made by Laura Loopstra from Wellington & Grey. She created the exact feeling I wanted in an invitation! I adore them! You can check out her facebook page here if you need any custom graphics made.
It was so nice to have free reign and to be in charge of all of the styling for the day.
Though my efforts were tested when I needed to make an impromptu boutonniere and bouquet. 
 I cannot resist fresh flowers, can you?
The "Brides" headpiece was made by hand and is from Curtsy Couture.
It is a piece that is named "The Audrey" and is made of vintage lace and the softest fabric.
This couple is the sweetest. These pictures prove it.
When I see love like this captured in photography, I have love songs and sonnets and Shakespeare running through my mind on repeat.
I hope you enjoy these beautiful shots, on the most beautiful fall day, with this beautiful couple, celebrating their beautiful love!!!!
  And there you have it friends! My first official styling experience!
 I hope you enjoyed these gorgeous photos as much as I did!!

What a testatment of true love and unforgertablle photography.
Though there was a lot of love and kisses on this day, for this photo shoot, there was a lot of laughter and fun too!!
Here is a sneek peak of the behind the scenes snapshots that didnt make the cut!!

That one of my poor baby just kills me! He came with me and slept up until the very end. Poor guy wants to always be carried around by his Mama and didn't want to be put down into a suitcase!
I hope you got some laughs too from my horrible photo bombs! 
That last picture could have been gorgeous --without my little head.
 If you have an event that you would like to have captured on film I would suggest Red Suitcase Photography. They did a wonderful job and were very professional to work with. These opinions are my own and I am in no way being compensated by Red Suitcase Photography or the other businesses mentioned in this post. 
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Kitchen Remodel

As promised, we want to show you our kitchen reveal!
If you have been following along with our updates on updating our home, you would know that we moved in a year and a half ago and lived without a kitchen for the first month in our new house.
We gutted the kitchen, among other rooms, the day we got the keys to this little estate. Ever since we have slowly been putting it back together again.
Our kitchen went through two phases, you can read about them HERE  and HERE and HERE and HERE.
 After a lot of shopping around, and dusty days eating on the living room floor, we are so happy with our final result.
I so hope that you like it too!
I wish you were here now, dropping by to see our kitchen!
 It would be so nice to have someone just drop in when the kitchen was actually presentable. ;) 
And today it is -- so wont you come on in!?
It is so nice to have you visiting today!
 Come in, come in, take a closer look around...
If you were actually here today, we would offer you a drink.
While we happily showed you that we don't have corners in our kitchen dedicated to storing tools -- anymore

We would explain to you the shape and design of the kitchen a year and a bit ago.

We would tell you about the dance floor in the middle of the kitchen --which would have been great if we could have learned the whole "Thriller" dance...don't tell me you haven't tried too.

We would remind you of the weird shaped half wall....

And we would tell you about living without a kitchen for a while and how the long nights and weekends have turned this...

Into this...

In a perfect world, you would drop by and we wouldn't have paint on our clothing, and I would have definitely washed my hair for the first time in days --shhhhhh.

 It would be mid day on a weekend and our house would feel lazy, relaxing and welcoming. We would be so pleased to have you here; we would go about the kitchen happily updating you on the projects we have been working hard at.

We would point out the newly widened entrance to the kitchen and how we built the wall up to the ceiling and said farewell to that weird shaped half wall. 
Hubby and I would probably argue over who's idea it was to put the island in.
We talked about it HERE.
We would show you that the newly built up wall ended up being the perfect place to house our extra deep fridge. We would talk about how the living room area has a much better lay out now that we have a wall to put our television on.
 You would full heatedly agree with us that two televisions is any marriage will make for happy partners when Monday night football and The Bachelorette  the news are simultaneously on.
We would offer you a coffee or tea from our little coffee corner. The one that was made out of floating shelves and left over counter top.

Hubby would complain that I am always rearranging the shelves and he never knows where to find his beloved coffee disks.
I would point to the cute crate we inherited from my mother and tell him matterafactly that they have been in that spot for at least a week. ;)

You would obviously join with me and together we would try to convince my husband that milk glass and white dishes in general are adorable, and that this big jar was such a steal for three dollars.
I would know better then to offer you sugar with your coffee or tea at this point, because clearly, you are already sweet enough.

I would  brag to you about hubby's carpentry skills, and how I couldn't be happier with the custom corner pantry he lovingly built. 
Because we are basically besties at this point, I might even show you how much the corner pantry can hold -- and we might just pull out my stash of dark chocolate and have a piece for good measure.

Hubby and I would show you that for once our kitchen sink doesn't have random dishes in it.

We would tell you that the kitchen sink is wonderful for bathing babies in and filling mile high with dirty pots and pans.
You would nod approvingly because you know that sometimes dishes need to sit in the sink for a weekend soak.
I would clarify that the blue jar is not filled with candies but in fact soaps for our dishwasher. 

(This sink will never be this clean again. Please excuse its debut photo shoot.)
We would probably end up gathering around the island with our drinks in hand, elbows propped up on the edges and catch up on life while the kids raced around us.

Hubby would tell you that I can never keep these drawers as organized as he would like. I would joke that someone in our house likes to pile junk on our counters and that I have to hide it away for impromptu guests like you that we soooo enjoy. :)

We would ask if you could come by another time for dinner, and turn our attention to the gas stove.
Hubby would suggest he is a better cook...
I would roll my eyes. We would all laugh.

Hubby would begin to tell you the story of our stone back splash. I would tell you that I transported it in my little car one day with two babies in tow. I would make a big deal about having to carry all that stone in a rain storm. 
Then you would both roll your eyes at me.
Hubby would joke that the wine fridge pulls double duty around here.
How it hides my tiling attempt and how its contents keep me happy.
But if my father is reading this, there is only sparkling water in that fridge. ;)
Sure enough, Hubby is the better tiling pro. I need another lesson, or to at least learn how to use a wet saw properly. Live and learn!
Our kids by this time, would have probably erased any shopping list that was scrawled on the kitchen chalkboard. They would have replaced it with games of "x's and o's". Hubby and I wouldn't notice or remember though, until going out for our next shopping trip later in the week.
I would tell you that our hanging pendant light above the island DOES in fact give us enough task light at night.
Hubby would say it isn't bright enough and that is why there is always too much butter on his bowl of popcorn.
We would talk and joke some more while we catch up with the projects you are doing around your place.

Then one of us would mention that "popcorn does sound good about now" and we would happily pull out the big kettle corn popper that is stored in the pantry by the wine fridge. In seconds the whole house would be smelling of movie theatre goodness.
Time would pass and there would be more doodling on the chalkboard and children giggling and jumping about with buttery popcorny fingertips.
We would pull out a nice bottle of something special and talk, laugh and share some more around the kitchen island, in the heart of our home.
It would be late by time we had caught up enough to possibly say goodbye. We would all agree that we should do this more often and that next time we should actually plan a dinner.
Hubby would joke that he will do the cooking, since he is in fact the "better cook".
You and I would roll our eyes and smile while planning a date for the next time you are around our neighbourhood.

We would hug you goodbye and tell you to come again soon.

The door would close behind you and we would look at each other with smiles.

We would go on and on about how we love having old and new friends over and how we better finish this house before we are ninety -- so we can, sooner than later, enjoy it with the ones we love.
PS: I cant wait to share HOW we got to this point. I hope you will visit again to read about how to save and while doing a remodel. I will be sharing where we got steals and deals and where to get them if you have a kitchen remodel in your future. And of course, what NOT to do when tiling a back splash.

PPS: If you are visiting from "Better After" today, I am so happy you came to visit!! I hope you enjoyed our quick tour!!!! Have a blessed day!

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